2015 Year in Review

By Roger Franklin  |  December 8, 2015

SatMagazine by Satnews | December 2015 Edition | By Roger Franklin, Chief Executive Officer

This was a major year for Crystal and the industry—the company updated the corporate appearance to better reflect the 30 years of dedicated experience creating reliable solutions wherever content flows, all with an eye to our future role.

The company name was changed from “Crystal Solutions” to simply “Crystal” and the logo was update, as well as the firm’s website and product suite. This new look debuted at Satellite 2015 in March and solidified our position as an established and proven industry leader.

2015 has seen a number of standards come into force, creating challenges and new opportunities for the industry.

The SCTE-35 standard for metadata became a requirement. Beyond simple insertion, metadata must be handled in a specific way to adhere to the standard. The biggest challenge to metadata use is the confusion as to what the standard actually means. Crystal worked with clients to help them understand exactly how the SCTE-35 standard affects them, including the presentation of a webinar in partnership with SatNews about how to ensure compliance and proper use of the standard.

The other requirement for the satellite industry is Carrier ID (CID). In January 2015, all satellite operators were required to initiate implementation of CID, according to the resolutions issued by the World Broadcasting Union’s International Media Connectivity Group (WBU-IMCG). Uplinkers must ensure CID support is specified in all requests for proposals for any SCPC and MCPC video and data.

New modulators or single thread encoders for video uplinking must have CID support that meets the ETSI standard according to the resolutions. US broadcasters are working toward next year’s FCC deadline of June 1 for CID to be required for all SNG/Flyaway broadcast platforms.

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