What does it mean to join the LTN family?

By Roger Franklin  |  July 29, 2019

Hopefully, you saw the news last week that Crystal is now part of the LTN Global family. I have been the CEO of Crystal since 2007 but my history with Crystal actually dates all the way back to its founding in 1986. I started out as a software engineer debugging code and developing innovative solutions for our clients. Today my focus is more on making sure our developers and engineers have the right tools and support to continue delivering those solutions, and anticipating the next developments within the industry so we can stay ahead of the curve and be sure we are also providing Crystal’s customers what they will need in the future.

Having been with Crystal since the beginning, I am particularly excited about this next stage for the company and I think it will be extremely positive, not only for the Crystal team, but also for all our partners and customers. Here’s why I think the future looks bright:

Complementary Services and Solutions

Whenever companies are acquired or join forces, one of the biggest factors is whether or not the products complement each other. Often, we see competitors acquiring each other, giving them only a few added features and some extra market share. In the case of LTN and Crystal, our products don’t compete, but instead complement each other very nicely. That means our customers can now also benefit from LTN Global’s video production capability (via Niles Media) as well as a world-class, reliable, fully managed IP network built for video delivery. Combined together with Crystal’s robust product line, the LTN family now offers managed solutions for every part of video workflows, from content creation, through monetization, to distribution – all in one place, with the same exceptional service and functionality that Crystal customers expect.

Pooled Expertise

At Crystal, we have always placed a great deal of importance on expertise. This is something I find extremely important in such an ever-evolving industry like video broadcast. Having worked with broadcasters and content providers for over 30 years, we have a deep understanding of the industry. We deliver the right solutions today to enable the next generation of media workflows because we can see where the industry is going and anticipate which solutions will be important to enable the next generation video distribution models.

LTN Global has a similar viewpoint and heritage. Its executives truly understand media delivery, networks, and IP delivery. They have developed cutting-edge, research-based technology that solves real problems in distributed systems and networking.

In this case, “two heads are definitely better than one”. With the LTN family of expertise, customers and partners suddenly have access to many more experts, each bringing something different to the table.

Investment in the future

I am extremely proud of the solutions Crystal has developed over the years. The success of those solutions is a result of the efforts to hear our customer’s challenges and to develop solutions to meet those needs. Of course, with LTN’s , there will be continued investment in innovative solutions, and I look forward to the expanded offerings that will emerge from the entire LTN family.

The culture stays the same

In essence, our partners and customers will continue to work with the Crystal team and products they know and love, but with the added bonus of extra solutions and expertise at their fingertips. It’s also important to note the heart, soul, and culture of Crystal will remain the same. And I am extremely excited to be a part of the team that will create the future for our customers.

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