Best of Web: The State of Online Video

By Nadine Mullings  |  December 22, 2015

A recent post on Rapid TV News stated that more than four-fifths of online video users take VOD services.

The post also went on to state that consumers are increasingly watching online video content on their own terms, with on-demand service usage almost diffuse says Limelight’s latest State of Online Video report.

The report is based on a survey that collected data from 1,271 consumers aged 18-69 chosen at random located in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia, and found fundamentally that the shift in consumer online video viewing habits is changing rapidly.

It found that more than 83% of consumers watched on-demand video, an increase of 4% since April 2015. The percentage of consumers watching four or more hours of on-demand video a week increased to more than 36% as compared with 30% in April 2015.

Among the key millennial group, the greatest jump was with those that watch ten or more hours of video per week, nearly 20% compared with 15% in April 2015, perhaps, said Limelight, a tell-tale sign they are binge-watching more often than their counterparts in different demographics.

A growing number of people were watching on-demand video are doing so on their TV, either through apps on smart TVs or connected devices such as Roku, Apple TV, Xbox One or Sony PS4. This, argued Limelight, was creating a challenge for content providers – ensuring broadcast quality to many devices – as consumers were likely to abandon an on-demand video if the quality was poor.

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