The Spectrum Debate

By Roger Franklin  |  April 13, 2016

Published in Satellite Evolution | EMEA | March/April 2016 | by Roger Frankin, CEO of Crystal, p. 10

Towards the end of last year, spectrum was on the minds of the entire satellite community in the run up to the all-important World Radiocommunication Conference 2015 (WRC-15) talks.  During almost an entire month of in-depth discussions, the satellite industry was holding its breath to see if precious spectrum would be taken away.  Roger Franklin, CEO of Crystal, discusses the importance of spectrum availability in the satellite industry, as well as the conclusions and consequences of the WRC-15.

The industry understands how important satellite services are, often providing a lifeline to otherwise disconnected communities.  C-band is an important topic of conversation because it helps humanitarian causes, such as the World Food Programme; delivers education where it is needed most; enables aircrafts to safely navigate the skies; delivers broadcasts across the globe; and enables mobile backhaul.

The importance of these services was highlighted during the WRC-15, when a number of large organizations urged governments across the globe to safeguard satellite spectrum for mission critical services.  A call that was applauded by our industry organizations as they work together with major satellite operators, launched a twitter offensive, using #cband4satellite citing a number of important services C-band is providing, to include those mentioned above.

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