SCTE Insertion

By Todd Fantz  |  November 13, 2017

Crystal is known for being “the metadata guys” because we have a lot of in-house expertise with pulling apart SCTE messages and implementing SCTE solutions for our customers. Quite naturally Crystal promotes the features of its products that are more difficult to achieve, like validation, transformation, and synchronization, and as a result, we are often asked the basic question, “Can Crystal do SCTE insertion?”. Well, yes we can! In the SCTE 104 world Crystal can drive your preferred vendors VANC/Data card, or our own SDI/HD-SDI card via GPI, serial, or a direct interface with a playout automation system.

Adding Crystal insertion software to an existing chain makes the system smarter, more flexible and able to provide richer messages which drive downstream services. The same goes for SCTE 35, where expecting hardware-based transcoders to keep up with standards and your business goals are unrealistic.

Crystal can either add intelligence in front of a transcoder, or provide software-based SCTE 35 insertion into a transport stream (it’s up to you if you want Crystal to recondition the transport stream by closing the GOP at the splice point and inserting an IDR frame, or you know a downstream transcoder will ensure a clean splice point at the designated PTS frame.) The latter can be highly effective when producing multiple streams that need different SCTE message profiles.

Crystal SCTE 35 inserters can run inside most VM/cloud environments which provide quick standup time and a lower cost of operation. Crystal also makes manual interfaces, like touch screens, which allow operators to manually trigger SCTE message insertion and provides them with confirmation SCTE messages were inserted. In short, Crystal can solve the most complex in band SCTE problems, or provide out of band messaging solutions – Crystal is providing reliable SCTE 104 and SCTE 35 insertion for our clients on a daily basis for hundreds of channels.

If you feel stuck with your current hardware-based solution, or are implementing a new system and want to understand the benefits of software-driven SCTE workflows then please contact Crystal for more information on how our solutions can help you.

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