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Metadata for OTT Streaming of Broadcast Television


This paper discusses how to extract and format the metadata linked to precise frames in video signals created during the origination of broadcast television so it can be used to drive the move of broadcast quality television onto the Internet.

Such metadata enables the frame-accurate (seamless) replacement of content delivered via the Internet e.g. as an Over-The-Top (OTT) or a TV Everywhere (TVE) service. The same metadata enables dynamic ad insertion at any point downstream of the origination and it also enables the automation of C3 and D4 Video On Demand (VOD) asset creation which could reduce the time it currently takes to produce those assets from hours to near instantaneous.

Evolving viewer habits continue to drive a shift to watching content that is delivered via the Internet. This evolution started with user-generated videos, e.g. YouTube, and quickly became a revolution as consumers were able to watch movies and episodic content online and on-demand, e.g. Netflix. The next phase is to move broadcast TV to the Internet and create packages of channels (just like a cable operator) but delivered via the Internet. This is, of course, already well underway (DirecTV and Dish have both launched such services – DirecTV Now and Sling TV) and more recently YouTube announced a service to compete with the established multichannel video programming distributors and there are several others planning launches in the next year.

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