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Video Metadata Analyzer

Ensuring the presence and confirming the quality of video metadata

Crystal’s Video Metadata Analyzer (VMA) allows you to view, describe and correlate the presentation of program content based on included metadata. Metadata is precisely timed (relative to program content) so that any implied actions can take place at the exact intended video frame, and Crystal’s VMA can alarm on anomalies due to errors, latency or jitter in the transmission path.

Crystal ensures metadata accuracy by capturing and logging video metadata, including SCTE 104 and SCTE 35 messages, along each streams’ transmission path. Crystal’s VMA checks for the presence of metadata, assures it is properly formatted, ensures it complies with business rules, and presents the analysis, errors and details in an actionable format.

Crystal’s VMA also enables operators to examine the transport stream characteristics of any transport multiplex, on any RF Carrier or MPEG stream, at the transmission or downlink site.

The transport stream analyzer capabilities of the VMA virtualizes the experience by using dynamic RF, ASI, or IP switching and agile carrier tuning. This capability allows an operator sitting at any workstation in the network operation center, or off-site, to examine the details of any stream without physically moving equipment or patching cables. In fact, multiple operators on different workstations can simultaneously examine different multiplex streams without additional hardware costs.

Crystal Control

Crystal knows that failures – of hardware, software and humans – are unavoidable. Crystal Control predicts and detects problems then guides your operators and engineers toward analysis, diagnosis and repair.


Crystal Connect

Crystal Connect provides leading-edge tools that enable automation of digital rights enforcement, contextual dynamic ad insertion (DAI) and live-to-VOD (C3, D4, LookBack, nDVR) with unprecedented accuracy and minimal manual labor.


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