Crystal Control is an advanced monitor and control software platform for video distribution over satellite and terrestrial networks.

It configures, monitors and controls equipment and devices to predict, detect and react to problems. Our unified dashboard then guides operators and engineers toward speedy analysis, diagnosis and repair, with a single, easy-to-understand interface regardless of what company manufactured each device. Similar devices have similar-looking screens and the most important information is presented to operators in a clean, uncluttered view.

Crystal Control can be deployed in your in-house data infrastructure or in the cloud to monitor and control the work of virtual machines. As content owners increasingly place their trust in the cloud, Crystal Control ensures a seamless transition with the same quality and reliability that the biggest names in media have depended on for decades.


Crystal Control delivers high operational efficiency at a lower total cost of ownership than competing systems. How? Crystal Control is a comprehensive and unified system, which we configure to meet each customer’s exact needs. No add-on modules are needed to access its full capabilities (while inflating your costs). It includes a vast library of device drivers or software interface modules, which extract device parameters and issue commands regardless of manufacturer. As part of our standard procedures, these drivers go through a challenging validation process to ensure their 100% reliability.


Once installed, Crystal Control groups individual devices into systems and incorporates business intelligence to “understand” how each device and system affects others and your ability to deliver video and data. This business intelligence enables us to provide sophisticated automation of uplink power control, site diversity switching, routing, scheduling and much more.

Automation Logic. Crystal Control’s built-in automation logic module makes alarm notification and automated failure recovery routine. This powerful module provides the capability for Crystal Control to detect imminent failures, raise appropriate alarms, and take immediate action to increase network resiliency and reliability.

Discover Signal Verification and Smart Routing. With one click, operators can auto-route and configure spectrum, network and transport stream analyzers to rapidly resolve problems in acquiring contribution feeds.

Site Diversity Switching and Automated Uplink Power Control. Crystal automates the complex process of diversity switching by programming a precise workflow that specifies what switching actions are to take place under what circumstances. To control uplink quality, customizable algorithms ensure that the correct amount of power is produced by each transmission chain in response to changing conditions in space and sky.

Crystal Control becomes our customers’ dashboard view into the health and status of their network, and the control center for automatic or manual adjustments to it. Because Crystal Control is in constant communication with our customers’ devices, it automatically collects and maintains a significant amount of historical data on their performance, which supports analysis of problems and of how the network performs against Service Level Agreements over time.


Maintaining the security of your control network is critical. Crystal Control has robust restriction capabilities that enable you to define various security levels. Each level can be defined to access a few devices, only portions of devices, specific types of devices, or everything. Users are assigned to one or more security levels, either within Crystal Control or through an external user authorization system. IP-based communication permits Crystal Control to manage devices located anywhere as part of a seamless whole, and to ensure secure access across the distributed system.

A powerful, comprehensive monitor and control solution, with a compelling total cost of ownership in both in-house and cloud-based deployment. Built-in business intelligence, automation and security, powering a dashboard that delivers unique visibility into the health of your network. Those are the reasons why, over the past 30 years, customers have trusted Crystal to support hundreds of billions in revenue.

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