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Powering the automation of digital rights enforcement and addressable advertising to enable monetization at scale

Over-the-top distribution is growing at triple digit rates – and content owners face the daunting task of enhancing their broadcast channels to enable addressable advertising and rights-cleared content streams suitable for multi-screen online viewing. Today, that is usually a manual task that duplicates the broadcast workflow and is prone to errors in coding, format and timing invisible to the human beings doing the work.



In place of today’s duplicative and manual approach, Crystal provides leading-edge tools that reduce costs and turnaround while improving the viewer experience. They enable automation of digital rights enforcement, contextual and addressable dynamic ad insertion (DAI) and live-to-VOD (C3, D4, LookBack, nDVR) with unprecedented accuracy and minimal manual labor.

Crystal AdConnect draws on the company’s long experience with monitor and control of the broadcast workflow. We understand that all the information needed to automate OTT production exists already in playlist, traffic, scheduling and MAM data sets. Crystal AdConnect accesses this data, generates SCTE 104, SCTE 35, SCTE 224 and/or proprietary-format messages required by each distributor, and places them with frame-accurate precision at the beginning and end of each content segment in a program.

It is easy to say – and enormously difficult to do. But the value to content owners and OTT distributors is just as big. This metadata can be used to trigger accurate, context-aware content replacement at any Online Video Provider, OTT Solution Provider or virtual MVPD. For the first time, content owners gain efficient, reliable control over linear and live content as it is repurposed for OTT, and the chance to achieve true scale in monetizing online distribution.


Crystal AdConnect makes it possible for content owners and OTT providers to offer OTT capabilities as good as – or better – than current linear TV, and to do it anywhere and anytime.

This includes:

  • Automatic production of rights-cleared, linear-to-OTT channels in a matter of minutes instead of hours, with no human intervention, to take full advantage of C3, D4 and C7 VOD opportunities
  • Dynamic ad insertion based on business rules and viewer demographics, maximizing the impact of advertiser spending
  • Catch-Up TV that is accurate to the millisecond, so that viewers don’t see partial advertisements or programs beginning a few minutes before or after their published air time
  • Cloud DVR that is accurate to the millisecond, rights-cleared and will support targeted advertising
  • Automated creation and distribution of clips with highlights along with advertisements
  • Synchronization of redundant playout channels at diverse locations

This list defines the long-held promise of streaming media. Crystal AdConnect is the software platform that makes it happen today.


Content owners, broadcasters, cable channels, DTH channels and OTT providers all use metadata inserted into video files to signal the start and end of segments and programs, as well as advertising insertions and upcoming actions. But no two providers or content owners today use precisely the same SCTE metadata messages in the same way to trigger the same actions. The result is high cost and complexity, and a less satisfactory experience for viewers.

Crystal provides customized software that automatically analyzes and corrects the metadata in customer-supplied content based on business rules set by the OTT provider. Each solution draws on our extensive library of successful implementations to minimize development time and cost. As requirements change, Crystal provides continuing support and upgrades that ensure successful performance year in and year out.


Crystal also brings its expertise in metadata engineering to the set-top box ecosystem of cable and DTH operators. Working with set-top boxes capable of downloading and storing content, our software enables coding in the transport stream that triggers dynamic ad insertion and content replacement at the regional or household level.

Our unique expertise in metadata management ensures frame-accurate precision that delivers a seamless viewer experience, and logging to validate delivery of advertising or replacement content. Solutions are cost-effectively customized for MSOs and satellite television networks from Crystal’s vast code library to minimize development time and cost. Once the implementation is complete, Crystal provides continuing maintenance and upgrades to ensure peak performance as requirements and technology change.

White Paper

Inserting and Validating Metadata in Video Content

Inserting and Validating Metadata in Video Content

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Crystal VMA Brochure

Crystal VMA Brochure

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AdConnect Brochure

AdConnect Brochure

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Video Metadata Analyzer

Ensure metadata accuracy by capturing and logging video metadata, including SCTE 104 and SCTE 35 messages, along each streams’ transmission path to ensure that it is properly formatted and complies with business rules.


AdCheck Ad Verification

Reduce lost revenue and increases customer satisfaction by ensuring advertising insertion triggers are delivered on time. It is the industry’s first complete solution for advertising cue tone / DPI notification, verification and resolution.


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