OTT to the rescue

By Roger Franklin  |  June 8, 2016

BroadcastPro ME | June 2016 |  OTT to the rescue | p. 48 | By Roger Franklin, CEO of Crystal

We have seen exciting technology launch for TV viewing in recent years, each promising to be the next big thing to reignite TV audiences.  This includes the arrival of HD, as well as 3D, which succeeded in making a brief difference.

However, these technologies were not followed by the compelling content needed to keep audiences interested.

Audiences across the globe were hungry for more varied content – and OTT gave them that avenue.  Consumers simply turned away from traditional TV and looked for content online.  The growth of the Internet and online video meant they had choices and thanks to the likes of YouTube, Nexflix, and Amazon, compelling content to suit every possible taste was just a click away.  What made it even better was that consumers could watch content on any device, anywhere, and anytime.  The rise of on-the-go viewing followed and new apps made it possible to begin watching a programme on one device and continue where you left off on another and new trends in viewing emerged, such as binge viewing.

Providers such as YouTube are great at personalising the experience, recommending content based on your viewing habits or, perhaps in certain circumstances, based on what your friends are watching.

This competition initially threatened many broadcasters and content providers, unsure of how this sudden onslaught of online video services being offered anytime, anywhere would impact them.  Not surprising, when you consider how sharply online video rose across the globe.


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