How Kohl’s Missed the Biggest Opportunity of the Chewbacca Mask Video

By Roger Franklin  |  June 24, 2016

Apparel | June 21, 2016 | How Kohl’s Missed the Biggest Opportunity of the Chewbacca Mask Video | By┬áRoger Franklin, CEO, Crystal

“Chewbacca Mask Mom” stole the hearts of Americans overnight in May 2016, as Candace Payne shared a video on Facebook Live. She donned a Chewbacca mask she purchased for herself at Kohl’s and was overwhelmed with infectious laughter. This moment quickly became Facebook Live’s most watched video in history, illustrating the clear shift in viewer/content relationships.

At the end of 2015, Facebook hosted more than eight billion video views per day. And with the popularity of apps such as Periscope growing, the live video feed is sure to stick around. Nearly half of the world’s TV households will be watching online video globally by 2020 (Digital TV Research).

So where should retail sales fit into this? As millions of people watched the Chewbacca Mom video around the world, the masks quickly sold out online and in stores. But what if viewers could purchase the mask directly from the Facebook Live video? How many more masks would have sold? The key to retail success has always been grounded in understanding what audiences want and figuring out a way to get it to them.

Today’s plugged in consumers expect a seamless experience that allows them to easily find the content and products they seek and view it on any device they choose (smartphone, game console, smart TV, etc.).

It’s clear that the future holds a more instantaneous and personal connection to the content consumed by viewers through the use of inserted metadata. Technology is available today allowing online content interaction to finally become a reality for advertisers. Let’s call it “instant interaction advertising.”

Device owners will soon be able to point-and-click, building relationships with advertisers and retailers that have only been dreamed about before. Metadata is the key to enabling this consumer-driven evolution and plays an important role for the content provider in the overall distribution chain.

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