The Right Monitor & Control System for your Network

By Joe Cleveland  |  May 29, 2019

Broadcasters are under more pressure than ever before to keep viewers engaged in an increasingly competitive environment. This means that there is absolutely no room for error. Consumers expect seamless coverage and any dip or degradation of quality is likely to see them flocking away in vast numbers to consume their content elsewhere.

Continuous monitoring and control of the network is a must to keep a consistent quality, but traditional manual methods or contemplating infrastructure changes have associated costs. So, how do broadcasters cost-effectively monitor their networks without compromising on quality? 

  1. Fit to your Infrastructure 

Broadcast infrastructures have always changed, adapting to new market forces like today’s ever-increasing delivery over IP and cloud deployments. Having the right monitoring and control system in place means ensuring it works with your existing infrastructure, without having to massively rethink your entire workflow.

Being software-based, Crystal Control easily adapts to your existing on-premise infrastructure without the need to add extensive additional hardware. Equally, it can also be used in a cloud-based workflow with virtual machines or a combination of legacy and new gear. 

  1. A System for Any Budget 

When it comes to monitoring and control, most people believe it can be difficult to align your needs for resiliency and operational efficiency with a budget. Often, systems come as an off-the-shelf product with various add-ons required to achieve the full functionality desired. This can work well for some broadcasters; however, it can be very challenging to determine which of those modules are actually needed. This can sometimes lead to either adding on too many modules and having features that are left dormant at great expense, or not having the features that would be beneficial.

The only way to match an operation’s exact needs is to evaluate the existing workflow and determine what those needs are so that a system can be precisely configured to meet those specific needs.

Crystal Control is such a system. As a comprehensive and unified solution, each Control system is configured to meet the individual customer’s exact needs based on a thorough evaluation. In addition, when new features are needed, the system can be field-configured to enable these individually, without installing whole new sets of add-on modules. 

  1. Enable Business Intelligence and Automation 

Monitoring your network and being quickly alerted to issues is extremely important.

However, if you don’t apply business intelligence and automation, you are not maximizing that information and the efficiencies it can afford. Business intelligence enables the system to understand how different devices and the system as a whole affects your ability to keep the network running. Only with this understanding can you take advantage of sophisticated automation that can enable the system to take action when an anomaly occurs. Automating these processes means much quicker resolution of errors, which in turn means they can often go unnoticed by the consumer.

Crystal Control is able to provide sophisticated automation of uplink power control, site diversity switching, routing, scheduling and much more. It has a built-in automation logic module, which makes alarm notification and automated failure recovery routine. This powerful module provides the capability for Crystal Control to detect imminent failures, raise appropriate alarms, and take immediate action to increase network resiliency and reliability. 

  1. Ensure Secure Remote Management 

Networks are more global than ever and at the same time, cybercrime has become more prevalent and sophisticated, making cloud networks a target for hackers. All of this means that broadcasters need to remain secure while at the same time managing global networks. Being able to set different security levels giving users only access to the content or devices they need is also important in terms of reducing the likelihood of human error.

Crystal Control’s security feature aids in ensuring networks remain secure and enables administrators to define various security groups and levels while managing devices wherever they are based.

  1. Monitoring Complex Networks

As networks become more complex, the likelihood for error increases. Monitoring and control needs to become more sophisticated to both reduce the likelihood for errors and intelligently resolve errors when they do occur.


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