Best of Web: Full-length online video consumption on the rise

By Nadine Mullings  |  April 6, 2016

RapidTVNews | Michelle Clancy

Both media buyers and sellers are embracing change, yet still struggling to solve the challenges posed by shifting video viewing habits.

According to a Videology-commissioned survey conducted by Forrester Consulting, over the next three years 73% of respondents predict an increase in the consumption of full-length shows online; 77% predict an increase in smartphone video viewing; and 79% predict more time will be spent watching smart TVs with a direct Internet connection.

Even with these shifts in video consumption, the survey revealed TV’s continued relevance, and an optimistic year-over-year outlook on the growth of the medium. In fact, 49% of those surveyed believe that time spent watching traditional TV will increase over the next three years, up from just 22% who believed it would increase when surveyed in 2013.

“Despite tremendous growth in alternative viewing options, TV is not going away,” said Scott Ferber, chairman and CEO, Videology. “The future of video advertising is not about a one-way shift to digital video, it’s a holistic approach to all screens. The lines between TV and video are all but indistinguishable to consumers, and the most successful advertising will take that same approach.”

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