Enabling Frame Accurate Signaling For Ad Insertion

By Alan Young  |  April 2, 2019

While broadcasters and media content providers are battling for subscribers, consumers have more choice than ever before. They are being served a wide range of good quality video content at no or little cost and content providers need to find ways to match those offerings if they want to survive. Despite that, there remains a willingness to sign-up for ad-supported content if it means access to good videos.

Targeted ads may be the saving grace for video providers seeking to monetize services while maintaining a high-quality user experience. If ads are relevant to the viewer, they are much more likely to be accepted. More than that, consumers are much more likely to respond to the ads, which yields advertisers far greater value.

However, to deliver targeted ads for OTT from your linear feed you need to easily and automatically replace ads depending on a number of parameters. This also means knowing these key things in advance:

  • The start and stop time of each ad
  • The length of each ad

The problem is that this information is often missing which makes it impossible to monetize the OTT ad inventory, meaning many broadcasters and content providers have a great deal of missed opportunities.

Crystal AdConnect makes that possible, even if that information is missing. AdConnect works with AWS Elemental MediaTailor from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to serve video with targeted ads to end users while maintaining broadcast quality-of-service in multiscreen video applications.

To find out just how the combination of Crystal AdConnect and AWS Elemental MediaTailor enables broadcasters to open up new revenue opportunities by replacing ads in OTT feeds, check out our solutions brief.

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