Crystal Team Deploys Advanced OTT Platform to 14 New US Affiliate Stations

By Angie Johnston  |  July 28, 2017

Installation doubles to 31 the number of US stations using Crystal OTT software to distribute live-streamed content via OTT providers

Duluth, GA, USA – 25th July  2017 – Crystal announced today that a major station group with a reach of 50 million homes has installed Crystal software across its stations, which allows them to manage distribution rights, provide dynamic ad insertion and completely automate C3, D4, and C7 Video on Demand (VOD) file production for the distribution of national network programming across OTT platforms that provide live-to-OTT.

The installation doubles to 31 the number of US stations equipped with Crystal Insight’s Connect™ Metadata Packager to automate the production and distribution of live-to-OTT content.

The Crystal Insight software translates timing data from the station group’s playout systems and rights data from national network systems into frame-accurate SCTE-standard metadata markers. The markers enable the stations to deliver national TV channels to OTT providers with all content rights-cleared and with opportunities for dynamic ad insertion (DAI).  The penalties for distributing unauthorized content via OTT can be severe.

Crystal Insight’s Connect™ Metadata Packager determines what content is being played and when it is played – accurate to the frame – and ensures that advertising and blackout insertion triggers are delivered on time. Connect™ also ensures compliance with SCTE standards by creating SCTE-35 messages (all the while modifying and adjusting non-frame-accurate messages to be frame-accurate) and preparing them for transcoding into an MPEG-2 transport stream. The transport stream is then made available to OTT partners.

“Crystal announced its first major Connect™ implementation with a Big Four network at the end of May this year,” said Roger Franklin, President & CEO of Crystal. “One month later, we are excited to double the number of stations we serve.”

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