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Best of Web: Cybersecurity a Growing Concern in the Satellite Industry

We’ve all heard the headlines about the security breaches of big retailers like Target and Home Depot, but according to a new report by the World Teleport Association (WTA) the retail industry is not the only industry that should be concerned about security breaches. WTA finds that cybersecurity is a growing concern in the satellite industry Read More

Best of Web: Is Cable Disappearing?

Cable TV companies are feeling the pinch because many young people are getting rid of their cable TV plan or never subscribe at all. This trend is impacting media companies with big cable TV portfolios in a significant way. Read More

OTT Is TV’s Disruptive Savior

Forget the network hand-wringing over the growing prominence of over-the-top, Internet-based distribution of video content. OTT is the best thing that could have happened to the TV industry. Why? OTT has forced content producers, cable networks, and broadcasters to become more relevant and creative—and as a result, more competitive. Read More

Reporting from the field

SatellitePro Middle East | Issue 41 | June 2015 | p 10-16 With the size of terminals reducing, and data rates rapidly rising, Satellite News… Read More

5 Ways Metadata Adds Value to Content

Although metadata has been present in video streams since the mid-1970s, recent advances enhance viewer experience and allow content providers to increase revenue. For decades… Read More

Roger Franklin at NAB 2015

While attending NAB 2015, Roger Franklin, CEO at Crystal, answered key questions during the World Teleport Association Executive Dialogue Series. Find out Roger’s answers to… Read More

Why Metadata Matters

Published in Satellite Evolution EMEA, Eupore | Middle East | Africa, March/April 2015, p. 30 Video content providers across the globe find themselves faced with… Read More

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