Cross platform addressable advertising

By Roger Franklin  |  March 29, 2019

Over recent months we have seen a huge shift in the way video is consumed by viewers. The novelty of over-the-top (OTT) is starting to wear off and consumers are beginning to dial back multiple paid subscriptions. At the same time, with so many video services on the market, competition is higher than ever before. However, what we are seeing is that consumers are much more open to ad-supported services in exchange for getting premium content free of charge.

Targeted, relevant advertising is even more likely to be accepted by consumers while also adding huge value to advertisers who can now get in front of a much more targeted and/or localized audience. Many video content providers are looking to adopt this approach but face technical barriers.

The biggest challenge is the fact that replacing ads seamlessly requires advance notice of the ad’s locations and durations. This information is frequently either not available, corrupted, or missing by the time the distributor receives the video stream. The varying lengths and unknown start times of ads makes it difficult for downstream systems to replace ads on the fly. What many broadcasters don’t realise however is that the technology exists today to make the entire ad inventory addressable and maximize the value of those ads.

I am particularly looking forward to our session at NAB to discuss how media companies can achieve cross-platform addressable advertising with today’s technology. Even more exciting is the stellar panel line-up: we will be joined by Alex Zhang, Principal Product Manager at AWS Elemental; Zeev Neumeier, Founder and SVP of Product for Inscape at VIZIO; and Bruce Anderson, COO and Global CTO at Invidi Technologies.

If you are looking for ways to maximize your ad inventory, make sure you join us on Wednesday 10th April from 1pm – 1:30pm in SU6524. For more information on the session, check out the NAB Website.

Be sure to also swing by our booth (SU6921) where we will be demonstrating Crystal AdConnect. The solution enables media companies to unlock the potential of their entire advertising inventory so that targeted ads can be delivered to the audience advertisers want to reach across all distribution platforms, while maintaining full control of that inventory.

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