Counting Down To The FCC Deadline

By Roger Franklin  |  February 10, 2016

SatMagazine | February 2016 | Counting Down To The FCC Deadline | By Roger Franklin, CEO, Crystal

Over recent months, there has been much discussion about upcoming deadlines for Carrier ID (CID).

For broadcasters operating within the US, the most relevant deadline is growing closer. Now is the time to act for those not yet on board with CID.

The FCC Ruling
The FCC ruling ( comes into force starting June 1, 2016. The ruling specifies that transmissions of fixed-frequency, digitally modulated video signals with a symbol rate of 128,000/s or more from Satellite News Gathering (SNG) vehicles or other temporary fixed Earth Stations must be identified through use of an Automatic Transmitter Identification System (ATIS).

The FCC ruling also stipulates a number of requirements relating to the type of CID used—it must be the DVB-CID, which also became an ETSI standard back in 2013. Crucially, this Carrier ID standard adds a low power, spread spectrum carrier underneath the host carrier it will identify.

This means that the correct transmission doesn’t need to be interrupted to identify the interfering carrier. This enables the operator to drastically minimize the impact on the correct user. The message must continuously repeat and the CID equipment must be integrated into the uplink transmission chain.

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