Automated Clipping via the Crystal Metadata Cloud™

By Roger Franklin  |  March 3, 2018

Automated clipping of live broadcasts to VOD is making the way we enjoy our favorite shows that much better. With it comes enhanced user experience and a host of usage opportunities – one of which is generating highlights for sports fans. But up until now, much of the detail automated clipping was designed to support has been lost due to inconsistent usage of SCTE standards. If you cannot be accurate on time, then your clips and event information cannot be accurately put together.  Crystal has the solution – to extract metadata and send it via the cloud. Crystal Metadata Cloud™ uses our patent-pending Temporal Fingerprint technology to transmit metadata out-of-band from the video and audio content, and re-synchronize it on a frame-accurate basis with the content wherever required in the downstream distribution chain. In keeping with our sports example, think about a soccer game. Sports stat companies create XML files describing every kick of the ball – which player kicked it, who received it, where the player was at the time, how fast the ball was traveling, and how high off the ground it was. We could use that XML file (because we have the time it occurred from kick-off) and be so specific to generate when a goal was scored, including 15 seconds for the build-up of the play and 15 seconds after to catch some of the celebration. Complete automation in clipping for instant user gratification. And the uses are endless – tweeting goals and providing a service for enthusiasts (creating your own highlight reel or automating the highlights) are just a few. And we haven’t forgotten the non-sports enthusiasts either. While watching your favorite program, you could generate just the clips of actors wearing Gucci clothing, sightseeing in NY, or driving an Audi.

Crystal Metadata Cloud™ works in conjunction with SCTE standards to preserve and transfer vital metadata via the cloud on a frame accurate basis, ensuring the specific clips you’re searching for are ready when you are.

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