AdGorilla selects Crystal to Identify Ad Breaks in Live Linear TV

By Angie Johnston  |  May 15, 2018

Duluth, Georgia, and Littleton, CO 15th May 2018 – Crystal’s new VidTime™ technology, used in conjunction with Crystal Connect™ and Crystal Metadata Cloud™, is deployed to reinsert SCTE 35 markers into Live Linear TV channels in situations where they have been removed by the operator or are not made available by the channel provider so that AdGorilla’s Quantum™ equipment can be used to insert different content, promos, or ads.

Those SCTE 35 markers are used to identify replaceable ad breaks, as allowed by the channel provider. Operators of private viewing venues, such as cruise ships, fitness clubs and sports bars, can now use AdGorilla’s Fuel™ sales and support services to increase their revenue by delivering relevant promotions and ads to their customers.

Roger Franklin, CEO, Crystal, commented: “Crystal is pleased to advance TV personalization in private venues so their owners can better control messaging to their customers, which is what TV advertising is all about.”

Dan Ryan, Chairman, AdGorilla, added: “Crystal is revolutionizing the advertising and video insertion marketplace by creating capabilities for monetization that were never possible before. AdGorilla’s strength is creating revenue through video insertion, so this partnership will offer our content-provider clients opportunities they can’t find anywhere else in the industry”.

About Crystal

Crystal provides advanced monitoring and control software for video distribution over satellite, cable or the Internet. It makes any combination of hardware and software, from practically any manufacturer, operate reliably as a single seamless system. Its software is also on the leading edge of new OTT applications, with frame-accurate precision that enables everything from dynamic ad insertion and content replacement to live-to-VOD and live clipping without adding infrastructure or manual processing. That is why, over the past 30 years, the world’s leading broadcast and cable networks have trusted Crystal to support hundreds of billions in revenue. Founded in 1986, Crystal is headquartered in Greater Atlanta, GA. For more information, visit

About AdGorilla

AdGorilla LLC, based in Littleton CO, is a multi-platform video technology and services company focused on content insertion, video management, and advertising sales solutions designed to help providers reach today’s video consumers. We provide our technology and solutions to content distributors, cable operators, broadcasters, advertisers and companies in a variety of industries. Our products are designed to maximize revenue and simplify content delivery. Please visit us at for more information or for more information.

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