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Watch it, Want it, Buy it

posted in: Blog, Blog Posts | 0 | December 16, 2015 4:34PM


You are in your comfy chair at home, or sitting in a darkened theater when your favorite character – James Bond, Luke Skywalker or Adonis Johnson, for example – throws on a jacket that you want. Or the exotic location in Point Break or The Man from U.N.C.L.E. becomes part of your “must visit” locations list.

But how do you find that jacket or know the exact location?

Yes, you can surf the Internet for clues, or possibly find it on IMDb (an online source for movie, TV and celebrity content), but you can never be exactly sure and the chances you find the information you want are 50/50 at best.

A current solution to this challenge is a company like TheTake, which has both a website and an app, making it possible to find the exact match to the items you covet or locations that you wish to visit from your favorite movies and television shows. To do so, TheTake researches and identifies items and locations after a show is released adding them for purchase or further research on their site and within their app.

This is a good step toward supporting a “watch it, want it, buy it” economy, but the future holds a much more instantaneous, comprehensive and personal connection to the content consumed by viewers through the use of inserted metadata.

As the industry moves forward, metadata embedded in all video will make the process of identifying content within videos seamless and smart. Metadata allows content originators to tag video with attributes – brand of a product, location of a shoot, intended audience, even camera angle. This tagging can turn viewers into consumers – consuming the content they want, making purchases directly from the video, planning their next vacation, paying for a different camera angle or following a different plot line.

Instead of paying for traditional interruption advertisements and creating ways to force viewers to watch them, metadata is a smart replacement for the existing ad purchase model.

Inserting and tracking metadata through the content flow provides marketers with specific returns on investment for their ad placement from content providers and distributors that are equipped to take advantage of the power metadata offers.

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