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Using metadata to deliver relevant and valuable content

posted in: Articles | 0 | April 6, 2016 7:42PM


APB | April 2016 | P. 33 | Using Metadata to deliver relevant and valuable content | By Roger Franklin, CEO Crystal

Video consumption is evolving and increasingly consumer-driven.  Consumers continue to demand increasing amount of content on multiple platforms and content providers are under pressure to localise content, for example, by offering different language versions.

Most importantly, consumers expect relevant and valuable content to be delivered to them, without searching for it.

Metadata ensures that content providers can deliver enriched, relevant, and valued content to customers.  Using metadata, content providers can build a fairly comprehensive picture of someone’s viewing habits, preferences and even likely shopping habits based on viewing history and a comparison to others with similar viewing habits.  This way, relevant content and advertising can be delivered to that consumer.

With more consumers watching from their mobile and tablet devices, it is even easier to send a very individual and tailored service to those viewers.

Metadata also helps broadcasters localise content.  They can offer support for features such as multiple languages and on-screen graphics, and insert them for the right regions according to specific metadata parameters determined by the content provider.  Metadata has an important role when it comes to ad insertion, delivering cue tones to signal when regional and local advertising should be inserted.