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Spotlight Series – Q&A with Kyle Cavin

posted in: Blog, Blog Posts | 0 | April 27, 2016 10:00AM


Kyle Cavin, Software Engineer at Crystal, is featured this week in our Employee Spotlight Series.  In his Q&A, Kyle shares what brought him to Crystal, how he keeps up with technology news and trends, how he predicts the company will be different in two years, who has been his biggest influence, and more.

Check out his full interview here:

Q.  What brought you to Crystal?

A.  I was struck by the expertise of the Dimitri and Roger, and the nature of the work at Crystal. Since starting, I have particularly enjoyed the dedication of my coworkers, and the relaxed culture. It’s a pretty special environment, which is a huge credit to Roger.

Q.  How do you keep up with new technology news and trends?

A.  Software and media technologies advance at an incredible pace, and keeping up can be daunting at times. Attending trade shows and conferences, reading blogs, trying betas, and watching webinars are typical approaches that help me keep abreast of the latest and greatest.

Q.  How do you predict the company will be different in two years, and how do you see yourself shaping that change?

A.  As the internet becomes more and more capable of handling the bandwidth and penetration demands of media markets, I see Crystal working to shape and facilitate the path forward. I envision my role as helping our customers leverage metadata for flexibility, introspection, and interactivity.

Q.  Who has been your biggest influence, and how have they affected you?

A.  I feel like I’m at the Oscars! My friend Steve, a guy named Gil Fronsdal, and my mother probably worked together on this. They all helped me shape my outlook on life, my fiscal priorities, and the value of intangibles.

Q.  What books and blogs are you currently reading? 

A.  I’m reading Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates by Brian Kilmeade and Don Yaeger. Bill Whitehead actually loaned me this book, since I had heard him singing its praises. The Dissapearing Spoon by Sam Kean is another one I’m working on.

I jump around on a lot of technical blogs, but probably the blog I frequent most reliably is APOD, which has a daily astronomy picture, annotated in detail by a professional astronomer.

Q.  What project are you the most proud of?

A.  I had a lot of fun on the transport stream analyzer, which is a component of the VMA. I also really enjoyed integrating Javascript into our system core.

Q.  Tell us something that we don’t already know about you.

A.  My coworkers would probably tell you I’m an open book. I love astronomy, climb often, and hate running, unless it’s with a frisbee.