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Broadcast TV, Cable and DTH

All television content has two things in common. Billions of dollars’ worth of advertising and subscription revenue ride on getting it to viewers in high-quality form. And getting it there involves hundreds or thousands of devices, software, circuits and wavelengths, each a potential point of failure. The content and the systems that control it may reside in the broadcast center or they may have been ported to the cloud. And the challenges of distribution now include moving broadcast content quickly and efficiently online, where new revenue opportunities await.

Crystal provides patented software solutions that enable content owners and traditional television distribution channels to do all of this – and more.


The best-known names in television turn to Crystal for monitor and control of the broadcast, cable and DTH chain, from contribution to playout and distribution, in the broadcast center and in the cloud. Our software configures, monitors and controls physical devices and virtual machines to predict, detect and react to problems. Its unified dashboard guides operators and engineers toward speedy analysis, diagnosis and repair, with an easy-to-understand interface regardless of which company manufactured specific devices. It also groups individual devices into systems and provides business intelligence that powers sophisticated automation, delivering high operational efficiency at a lower total cost of ownership than competing systems.


Every day, the average consumer is exposed to up to 10,000 brand messages. Viewers are bombarded with content regardless of its relevance to them. Is it any wonder that traditional broadcast advertising is stagnating in terms of effectiveness and revenue growth?

Crystal software is enabling cable and DTH providers and their adtech partners to achieve localization and personalization of advertising based on geographic segmentation, household demographics and purchase history. Ads that speak to the viewer’s location, lifestyle and needs bring to television the one-to-one impact that online advertising promises, while retaining the creativity and persuasion of the world’s biggest and most powerful advertising medium.


Over-the-top distribution is growing at triple digit rates, and content owners face the daunting task of turning their broadcast programs into rights-cleared versions suitable for multi-screen online distribution. Today, that takes manual labor to prepare files, which raises costs and sacrifices hours of the vital Nielsen C3 window. It also fails to support dynamic ad insertion that lets content owners and downstream affiliates monetize content beginning on Day 4 (D4), or provide viewers with a high-quality video-on-demand experience.

Crystal software automates the frame-accurate insertion of the necessary metadata to drive digital rights enforcement, contextual DAI and live-to-VOD. File preparation time drops from hours to minutes. Costs fall and monetization opportunities expand – all because the right SCTE 104, 35 and 224 messages appear at the right time with the right, context-rich data.

For content owners and distributors, Crystal is the key to automating broadcast operations, reviving growth in traditional advertising markets and extending it into the exciting new world of OTT.



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