Crystal’s expertise in monitoring and automating video-content workflows gives us a unique position within the emerging broadcast/streaming hybrid world. Crystal is all content, all the time. Our products enjoy legendary reliability and resilience when fractions of a second count.


Crystal Control is an advanced monitor and control software platform for video distribution over satellite and terrestrial networks. It configures, monitors and controls equipment and devices to predict, detect and react to problems.

Crystal Control Software Interface
Spectrum Monitoring - DPI Reconciliation

Crystal Connect provides leading-edge tools that enable automation of digital rights enforcement, contextual dynamic ad insertion (DAI) and live-to-VOD (C3, D4, LookBack, nDVR) with unprecedented accuracy and minimal manual labor.


Crystal offers a suite of RF, digital and metadata monitoring tools that validate, automate and simplify content distribution across television, OTT and satellite communications applications. They integrate seamlessly into Crystal’s core Control and Connect products as well as operating in standalone mode.

Crystal's Spectrum Monitoring & Recording Dashboard


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    Every customer’s network is unique and with Crystal’s solution-based discovery phase exposes existing processes and device interfaces so that Crystal architects know the customer’s platform as well as, and sometimes better than, the customer.

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    Every day, billions of dollars of content rely on Crystal technology. Crystal thrives in the split-second, 24/7 environment of news alerts, live events, program content, and messages.