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Operational resilience allows people, processes & informational systems to adapt to changing business conditions.



Transmission failure is business failure.

All software has bugs. No hardware is immune from degraded performance or breakdown. People make mistakes. Rather than hoping for perfection, plan for swift and intelligent system recovery with Crystal. Some things are beyond your control—but not beyond a strategy for operational resiliency and business continuity.

The more complex that multi-format content distribution evolves, the more opportunities for transmission interruptions. Anything from a broken lamp to a failed satellite lies in this critical path—and anything that disrupts the revenue stream deserves the highest business priority.

On commercially supported networks, for example, the revenue loss from even a single missed advertising segment can exceed the cost of reserve capacity needed to avoid the loss in the first place. To pay for itself, however, this “self-insurance” approach requires monitoring and analysis tools from Crystal that can programmatically execute complex equipment-switchover routines.




    Every day, billions of dollars of content rely on Crystal technology. Crystal thrives in the split-second, 24/7 environment of news alerts, live events, program content, and messages.


    Crystal’s products enjoy legendary reliability and resilience. Beginning with robust multi-processing at the CPU level, Crystal technology is built for complex, mission-critical environments.


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