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Live-to-VOD via the Crystal Metadata Cloud™

posted in: Blog, Blog Posts | 0 | March 9, 2018 11:45AM


Live-to-VOD workflows often involve manual trimming because the initial segmentation was done manually, by time of day, or with inaccurate sources. This cleanup delays the content’s availability to an audience that expects to be able to access what they just viewed live almost immediately. It is crucial that broadcasters provide an accurate way for their live content to be turned into VOD assets as they happen.

Crystal has developed a product that helps create accurate Live-to-VOD that lives in the cloud. Upon gaining access to the playlist, Crystal Metadata Cloud™ uses patent-pending Temporal Fingerprint technology to capture fingerprints of programs from start to finish. These fingerprints and program boundaries are put into a public or private cloud as a service that allows any reception site to be able to frame accurately match the source material and breaks. Crystal also has direct interfaces to services like VDMS which enables entirely out-of-band triggering of segmentation on the Verizon platform.

Being able to accurately record live or access Live-to-VOD programming is essential in today’s media hungry world. Being able to do that accurately and dependably is what separates Crystal from all the rest.