Crystal’s exclusive focus is on the monitoring and automation of content flowing from the greatest brands in the largest industries. Wherever you see content, chances are it flowed through networks and equipment controlled by Crystal software.


Television viewing habits are changing. The younger generation prefers OTT streaming to traditional TV. The distribution networks get more complicated every year. Advertisers demand better targeting, better measurements, and better ROI.

Crystal’s products make management easy and reliable by automatically identifying, configuring and routing content for maximum advertising effectiveness and viewer satisfaction.

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Television Broadcast Network Solutions


Satellite Dish Network Solutions

Every day, billions of dollars of content flow through satellite systems and communications providers have a single mission: to reliably ensure connectivity. This mission requires the ability to predict and preempt outages before they occur and automate complex recovery operations.

Whatever the satellite transmission need and wherever the content must flow, Crystal has the solution.

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Telecos and enterprise companies face a unique challenge. They must acquire content from multiple sources, repackage it into optimal ‘bundles’, and distribute it into a shifting consumption landscape while serving the traditional mission of their business.

Every network is unique, often in subtle but critical ways. Crystal’s rigorous discovery phase uncovers existing processes and device interfaces assuring the solution deployed is optimally built to meet a business’ needs.

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Telco & VSAT Network Solutions


Government Network Solutions

Government and military networks have inherently stringent requirements for control and verification. Assurance that transmissions are reaching their intended audience is vital, especially because the networks are complex and geographically dispersed.

Remote transmission nodes, diverse content and unexpected interruptions present unique control and management challenges for each mission. Crystal’s products provide operators with timely and accurate feedback on the health of every node to assure recipients receive these mission-critical and highly targeted messages.

Discover how the most secure and diverse networks rely on Crystal.

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      Every day, billions of dollars of content rely on Crystal technology. Crystal thrives in the split-second, 24/7 environment of news alerts, live events, program content, and messages.


      Crystal’s products enjoy legendary reliability and resilience. Beginning with robust multi-processing at the CPU level, Crystal technology is built for complex, mission-critical environments.


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