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How to Help the People of Haiti

posted in: Blog, Blog Posts | 0 | October 18, 2016 6:34PM


Now that the rain has stopped and the wind has died down, the extent of the devastation in Haiti is becoming apparent. Shepherd Smith of Fox News said that if Hurricane Matthew was 20 miles to the west and made land fall on the coast of Florida that you and your children would not survive. He was wrong, because that’s exactly what happened on the southwest peninsula of Haiti and most people did survive without access to hurricane-proof shelters. He was also right, unfortunately, because a lot of people still lost their lives and the death toll as a result of #HurricaneMatthew will continue to rise; especially as the scarcity of food and clean water drags on. Most of Haiti’s food was grown in the southwest and those farms are all but gone. Haiti has never had a reliable system for providing clean water to most of the population and since the UN brought Cholera to Haiti in 2010 the consequences of unclean water are disastrous. So, how can you help Haitians survive, rebuild, and recover? You can support organizations that effectively distribute resources where they are needed. Skip the organizations with a lot of overhead and check out these two:

  • HTF – 100% of Hurricane donations will be deployed in Haiti; their low overhead costs are covered through regular donations for operating funds.
  • Fonkoze – The bank for the poor that has personnel and branches all over Haiti and read their intentions on how they will help those in need.