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Electronic Program Guide via the Crystal Metadata Cloud™

posted in: Blog, Blog Posts | 0 | February 22, 2018 8:54AM


Electronic program guides (EPG) (systems that provide continuously updated programming menus) are common place in broadcast media today. EPGs are available for television, personal devices, and on the Internet. But when it comes to live television, EPGs are not always accurate. Games that run into overtime, coverage of breaking news, and award programs that run long are not captured accurately on EPGs because most are looking at time as the trigger. Therefore, recording such programs can be tricky. Set the recording for too short and you may miss the end, set it for too long and you will get the beginning of the next program.

Crystal has developed a product that could create the world’s most accurate EPG that actually lives in the cloud. Upon gaining access to the playlist, Crystal Metadata Cloud™ uses patent-pending Temporal Fingerprint technology to capture fingerprints of programs from start to finish. These fingerprints are put into the cloud to make the EPG completely interactive. A viewer can look at the program guide and say, “There’s an NFL game on this afternoon and I want to record it.” No matter when it starts, it would be recorded because instead of using time as the trigger, Crystal is actually using the ID of the program itself.

Being able to accurately record programs on a DVR is a basic customer expectation and a source of high frustration when part of a program is missed. Being able to do that accurately and dependably is what separates Crystal from all the rest.