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Crystal Insight suite of products allows your organization to convert network information into actionable knowledge.

This resulting insight is a crucial component for systems that need to maximize revenues through efficient flow and monetization of content.


Crystal Insight’s Video Metadata Analyzer (VMA) is used to view,  describe and correlate the presentation of program content based on included metadata. Metadata is precisely timed (relative to program content) so that any implied actions can take place at the exact intended video frame, and Crystal’s VMA can alarm on anomalies due to errors, latency or jitter in the transmission path.

Crystal ensures metadata accuracy by capturing and logging video metadata, including SCTE 104 and SCTE 35 messages, along each streams’ transmission path. Crystal’s VMA checks for the presence of metadata, assures it is properly formatted, ensures it complies with business rules, and presents the analysis, errors and details in an actionable format.


Crystal Insight’s Transport Stream Analyzer enables operators to examine the transport stream characteristics of any transport multiplex, on any RF Carrier or MPEG stream, at the transmission or downlink site.

The transport stream analyzer virtualizes the experience by using dynamic RF, ASI, or IP switching and agile carrier tuning. This capability allows an operator sitting at any workstation in the network operation center, or off-site, to examine the details of any stream without physically moving equipment or patching cables. In fact, multiple operators on different workstations can simultaneously examine different multiplex streams without additional hardware costs.


Broadcasters must provide multiple, highly tailored content streams for a variety of video distribution paths. These different streams contain commercial insertions messages at the broadcast and/or the affiliate level and varied additional metadata – content identifiers, graphics, crawls, closed captioning.  What begins as a single linear program is quickly transformed into a set of higher value program streams.

Delivering these multiple streams requires the close coordination of multiple systems, play out automation, satellite compression, RF transmitters and IRDs, mezzanine fiber/IP encoders and decoders, VOD servers, web streaming encoders, CDNs, commercial insertion and digital rights management systems. A single event can require the execution of commands in two or more of these systems, performed within a fraction of a second.

Connect Metadata Packager uses the SCTE-104 and SCTE-35 protocols to deliver the time-critical metadata commands and provides the ‘glue’ between the stimuli of these events and the commands to the downstream systems or equipment. Actions are ‘stream addressable’ – a specific, complex action may be directed to just one of the multiple programming streams that are actively being produced or are upcoming.


Broadcasters, advertisers and cable operators know that the best way to maximize advertising effectiveness and ROI is to present highly targeted ads to viewers. Disruption of ad insertion ‘triggers’ is a threat to the effectiveness and ability to deploy this approach.

AdCheck from Crystal reduces lost revenue and increases customer satisfaction by ensuring advertising insertion triggers are delivered on time. It is the industry’s first complete solution for advertising cue tone / DPI notification, verification and resolution.

Built-in real-time transmission monitoring provides ad trigger notification, verification, and fault resolution to operators ensuring all advertising income opportunities are included in transmission streams.

AdCheck integrates with your Crystal Control NMS or can be installed as a standalone solution.  AdCheck combines off-the-shelf hardware, like the Crystal Insight’s VMA or other manufacture’s video metadata probes, with unique software programming to monitor ad-insertion notifications for both programs distributed through transport streams.




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Inserting and Validating Metadata in Video Content

Inserting and Validating Metadata in Video Content

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