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Crystal Control, Crystal's enterprise class Network Management System (NMS), makes it easy to manage complex networks of any size. Here is a detail of the software's dashboard.


Crystal Control provides legendary reliability and resilience.

Beginning with robust multi-process architecture at the core, Crystal technology is built for complex, mission-critical environments. Crystal knows that failures – of hardware, software and humans – are unavoidable. Crystal Control predicts, detects and reacts to problems, and then guides operators and engineers toward analysis, diagnosis and repair.


The Network Management System (NMS) sits at the heart of Crystal Control, centralizing, tracking, and visualizing how signals flow through entire video, satellite, and data network systems. Customized for every installation to enhance workflow, NMS connects all equipment, regardless of type, vendor, or age.

With a clean dashboard view of all operations and signal flow, normal functions and problem resolution are intuitive. Through automated routine execution, NMS enables rapid failure recovery and geographic diversity switching, which dramatically increase network resiliency and reliability.


Every day, billions of dollars of content flow through satellite and cable systems that rely on Crystal technology. Crystal thrives in this split-second, round-the-clock environment of news alerts, live events, program content, and commercial messages.

Quickly accessing inbound feeds, identifying core problems, and simplifying the toolset available to network operators is the key to success in this nonstop setting. Crystal Control includes Signal Verification and Smart Routing, developed with and proven at leading contribution operations such as ESPN, CNN, and ABC.

With one click, operators can auto-route and configure spectrum, network, and transport stream analyzers to rapidly resolve problems in acquiring contribution feeds.


Signal quality and reliability remain paramount in today’s world of satellite transmission. With the popularity and increased capacity of higher-frequency signals like the Ku, K, and Ka, bands, signal degradation due to atmospheric interference becomes a serious concern for operators. Transmitters must navigate a middle course between transmitting enough power to overcome the interference and over-saturating the satellite. Crystal Control’s Site Diversity Switching and Automatic Uplink Power Control (AUPC) solution attains that balance. A precise Logic Diagram, which unambiguously specifies what switching actions are to take place under what circumstances, underpins every custom Site Diversity implementation.  Customizable algorithms drive AUPC to ensure the correct amount of power is produced by each transmission chain.




White Paper

‘Insuring’ Operational Resiliency

‘Insuring’ Operational Resiliency

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Crystal Control Network Management System Product Brochure

Control Product Brochure

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Crystal Control - Discover Signal Verification Brochure

Discover Signal Verification Brochure

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    Every customer’s network is unique and with Crystal’s solution-based discovery phase exposes existing processes and device interfaces so that Crystal architects know the customer’s platform as well as, and sometimes better than, the customer.


    Welcome to Crystal’s collection of technology resources. Here, Crystal experts share tips, tricks and techniques to help boost your skills, increase your productivity and build more profitable network infrastructures.


    Crystal’s client list is the ‘Who’s Who’ in video broadcasting, satellite and enterprise networks. Complex government and military networks benefit from Crystal’s broad experience and systems that are ideal for widely distributed, but targeted transmissions.