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Crystal's Carrier ID System ensures the new industry standard for carrier identification (CID) is useable by satellite professionals.


Various FCC mandates will soon require that all digital occasional-use satellite transmissions be accompanied by a companion identification carrier per the CID ETSI specification.

Once in place, cases of carrier interference can be quickly identified and easily resolved. Systems and processes must be implemented to take full advantage of this new standard.


Crystal Carrier ID ensures the new industry standard for carrier identification (CID) is useable by satellite professionals.

Carrier interference is typically transient in nature – it often disappears as quickly as it appears. The duration may be short lived, but the damage in terms of lost revenue and reputation is not. It is important to identify the source of interference quickly before the trail is lost.

Crystal Carrier ID consists of a specialized CID detector receiver, a spectrum analyzer, routing and switching equipment. Crystal ties it all together as one complete package by routing signals appropriately, extracting CID information, and inserting it into a private customer database as well as the Central CID Database.  All this can be done in the background so as to not slow down every day satellite access procedures.  Spectral scans also enable your operator to quickly zero in on the carrier, extract the CID and visually confirm the presence or absence of interference.

Crystal’s Carrier ID turns the promise and power of Carrier Identification into reality.




White Paper

Carrier ID will help minimize satellite interference

Carrier ID White Paper

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Crystal Carrier ID System Product Brochure

Carrier ID Product Brochure

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