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Crystal and Actus Announce Strategic Partnership

posted in: Press Releases | 0 | November 13, 2015 3:50PM


Crystal, a leader in network monitoring and management solutions, announced today a strategic partnership with Actus, an industry-leader in intelligent broadcast monitoring platform for video recording, tagging and monitoring.

“Actus enables Crystal to offer our video customers more than monitoring, control and automation of their video distribution network. We are now able to provide broadcast recording and monitoring solutions, for compliance and quality monitoring that help our customers understand what their customers actually receive,” said Roger Franklin, CEO of Crystal.

“Our intelligent broadcast monitoring platform enables a cross organizational solution for video compliance, clips creation for content re-purposing, ads verification, rating and competitive analysis and video quality alerts. Combined with Crystal, we offer an enhanced solution that provides operators with tools to control and manage the video distribution as well,” said Sima Levy, CEO of Actus Digital.

As video content delivery streams fragment, the combined solution provided by these partner companies ensures quality and compliance wherever content flows.

About Crystal
Founded in 1986, Crystal designs and delivers network monitoring and management solutions that improve operational efficiency, analyze errors, and enhance system resiliency, particularly for businesses that deal with complex and dispersed distribution pathways. Every day, program and advertising content worth billions of dollars flows through equipment managed by Crystal for leading media, enterprise, and satellite customers — including Fox, CNN, Disney, and Intelsat. Crystal, a privately held company, is headquartered in Greater Atlanta, GA. For more information, please visit crystalcc.com.

About Actus Digital
Actus Digital delivers an industry-leading intelligent broadcast monitoring platform for video recording, tagging, monitoring, analysis and content repurposing for OTT, catch-up TV, VOD or mobile platforms. Actus’s easy-to-use web-based solutions are answering the broadcast media management needs of broadcasters and government agencies; cable, satellite and IPTV providers; and advertising, media agencies and content producers around the world. Actus’s solutions enable media monitoring, ad detection for ad verification and rating analysis, legal compliance and extensive automated exporting tools for content repurposing and rebroadcasting linear broadcasts to the Internet and mobile phones. Leveraging emerging web technologies and IT standard hardware, Actus’s solutions are highly scalable systems, ideal for cross-organizational content analysis and content repurposing. Actus’s next-generation solutions complement any broadcast workflow, empowering operators with purpose-built tools for acquiring, viewing, analyzing and re-purposing transmissions from channels around the world. Its impressive customer list includes global high-end media players (http://actusdigital.com/customers/our-customers/) For more information, please visit: http://www.actusdigital.com.


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