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Crystal Contribution puts the tools in your hands to configure, route, access, manage and analyze multiple incoming feeds at the touch of a button.



Every day, the content landscape sprouts more complexity.

Everyone’s a content creator now—and effectively managing those myriad incoming feeds is imperative for competitive success. From media companies and sports leagues to enterprises and individuals, contributors produce a flood of content that demands rapid and precise configuration, analysis, tagging, routing, storage, and access. Like managing a busy cargo port, operators must track individual “containers” while simultaneously monitoring and directing overall traffic movement through the facility.

With its intuitive dashboard, Crystal puts proven, powerful, and innovative tools in operators’ hands to oversee this flow, regardless of the local equipment and application mix. In the background, Crystal continuously monitors and records key incoming spectrums, alerting the operator only when problems surface. Without moving cables or guessing at problem sources, he can automatically re-route a specific feed to an available receiver.




    Every day, billions of dollars of content rely on Crystal technology. Crystal thrives in the split-second, 24/7 environment of news alerts, live events, program content, and messages.


    Crystal’s products enjoy legendary reliability and resilience. Beginning with robust multi-processing at the CPU level, Crystal technology is built for complex, mission-critical environments.


    Find out what’s happening at Crystal and in the industry. This collection of articles contains the latest on Crystal’s products, solutions and upcoming events.