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Best of Web: Discovery Taps VDS for Ad Insertion

posted in: Best of Web | 0 | April 12, 2017 7:43PM


BTR Staff | www.btreport.net | April 11, 2017

Video Design Software (VDS) has integrated its Streamliner software application into Discovery Communications’ U.S. broadcast origination systems. Streamliner is intended to provide automatic generation of rules-based, relational SCTE 104 messages into Discovery’s video signal, which are then received and acted upon by downstream distribution partners for digital program insertion and dynamic ad insertion.

The Streamliner deployment at Discovery manages SCTE 104 messages for 38 channels, including provider and distributor break signaling, blackout programming and chapter start and end for C3. This is VDS’s third multichannel deployment at Discovery, adding to its automation-interfaced DiReCT systems in Sterling, VA, and Discovery Networks Europe.

“Discovery was confident our long-standing partner VDS could deliver a compelling product for our SCTE 104 marking efforts. Streamliner met all requirements for flexibility and scale, enabling downstream rights management and partner ad share,” said Ron Yoslov, vice president of Media Engineering and Operations at Discovery.

“VDS has been working with Discovery Communications to adapt its high-quality programming to over-the-top distribution,” said VDS President Larry Mincer. “As the media business continues to evolve, adaption and flexibility have become key enablers of success in broadcast technology as well as in our business.”