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Best of Web: Is Cable Disappearing?

posted in: Best of Web | 0 | August 24, 2015 7:27PM


I remember when most young adults in the US desired to have cable television so they could have as many program options available as possible, but with the variety of “non-cable” options available now, it looks like more young people are choosing other ways to access their entertainment.

In fact, I heard a segment on NPR talking about how media companies are feeling the pinch from cord cutters.  The segment shared that cable TV companies are feeling the pinch because many young people are getting rid of their cable TV plan or never subscribe at all. This trend is impacting media companies with big cable TV portfolios in a significant way.

Why is this cool for our industry? With more consumers cutting the cord, the opportunity and necessity to deliver customized content across narrower channels is upon us.  We sit at the origination point of the content stream and have a unique position to capitalize on this new content flow.

Peter Ralston
Project Engineer