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Best of Web: Are Streaming Video Devices Dumb?

posted in: Best of Web | 0 | October 13, 2015 10:28AM


Fox Business published an interview with Discovery Communications CEO David Zaslav discussing why the traditional TV model is not dead.

Zaslav argues the TV industry needs more say on how content is distributed through streaming video on demand platforms.

Zaslav said although the cable bundle has experienced a slight decline, it’s still the way people watch TV.

Our own Roger Franklin, CEO of Crystal weighs in on this discussion. His point of view:

“Zaslav is right in that content is still king.  How you get content doesn’t matter if the content isn’t any good.  Regardless, the content delivery mechanisms, either traditional TV, Live Streaming, SVOD, Ad-supported VOD, all require funding, and the new economic models he mentioned in passing are key.  New models will be driven by metadata not currently in use.  The content providers need to work more with advertisers to build those new funding models.  The viewing landscape will change slower than we all think – because content providers will make sure change occurs slowly”

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