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Ads and OTT: Get your metadata right

posted in: Articles | 0 | February 22, 2018 10:10AM


Roger Franklin | Broadband Technology Report | February 19, 2018

Most broadcasters are now forced to stream linear content on-demand via over-the-top (OTT) platforms – consumers more or less demand it. It’s no longer avoidable, given that OTT is dominating the way in which video content is consumed, representing a seismic shift in the content delivery industry.

A small proportion of those from the broadcast environment yet to go OTT don’t fully understand just how complex streaming linear content OTT can be. At the same time, pure OTT providers often underestimate the difference between packaging content destined for OTT from the start, and the reformatting of originally linear content. One of the most difficult challenges is inserting and replacing ads, and this poses a problem given that ads are inextricable to the monetization of OTT provision. The solution to this challenge lies within the correct and accurate application of metadata.