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Addressable Advertising via the Crystal Metadata Cloud™

posted in: Blog, Blog Posts | 0 | March 13, 2018 2:20PM


Being able to deliver viewer-specific advertising is key to truly engaging viewers and increasing revenue. In-stream metadata enables addressable advertising in linear and OTT video. This metadata is often referred to as SCTE messages. These messages are often delayed or corrupted in transit due to legacy equipment or systems. In addition, due to inconsistent use of standards, the metadata is often under-utilized or mismatched. All of which leads to missed advertising opportunities.

Crystal Metadata Cloud™ solves this issue by using patent-pending Temporal Fingerprint technology to send metadata out-of-band from the video and audio content, and re-synchronize it on a frame-accurate basis with the content wherever required in the downstream distribution chain. Metadata like timing, break/ad IDs as well as requirements and attributes related to things such as rights management, placement opportunities, viewer profiles, etc. is extracted and sent via the cloud – in essence providing a POIS service and ESAM interface in the cloud to be used for addressable advertising at the set-top box or mobile device.

Crystal Metadata Cloud™ works in conjunction with SCTE standards to preserve vital metadata and provide for appropriate and attention-grabbing advertisements tailored to specific viewers.