Crystal provides advanced software control systems that power the collection and distribution of high-value video and audio content.

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The world’s leading broadcast and cable networks rely on our Crystal Control network management system to ensure the availability, resilience and quality of their contribution and distribution. They value Crystal’s all-in-one design, which we configure to operate within the unique business rules of their operations. Avoiding special-purpose modules and add-ons, we deliver a lower total cost of ownership than competing systems. That is why, over the past 30 years, customers have trusted us to support hundreds of billions in revenue.

Today, distribution is racing into the cloud and accelerating into an age of mass customization. Digital technology is making possible new levels of demographic and geographic targeting. It is creating opportunities for advertisers to reach only their most desirable viewers and for viewers to see only advertising and product placements that tie to their needs and interests. This magic is based on metadata, which links content, advertising and viewers, and which can validate that a piece of content has actually been viewed.

The only way for content owners to realize the potential of digital distribution is to ensure that millions of video or audio files each contain reliable, resilient and industry-standard metadata from the point of origin to the point of consumption. That’s a job far beyond the capabilities of manual or semi-automated processing. It is a job for Crystal Insight: our comprehensive suite of metadata analytics, packaging and verification systems. They uniquely ensure that online content reaches the right audience with the right coding to secure it and to make monetization work – every time.

From physical to virtual, from your dedicated network to the public Internet, Crystal makes content flow.




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